Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Morning Juice Recipe

I noticed a trend in my morning juices. I use the same basic recipe with little tweaks depending on my tiredness, seasonal fruits, or my mood. I started feeling redundant posting such similar ideas.

So that got me to thinking about posting more about ideas around choosing healthy days. I am puzzling the way to share recipes, because some of them are super-tasty, but also a way to make them relevant for readers who deliver posts to their inbox or follow along here.

I am on a quest to make my journey fun and healthy. I have a chronic illness that is coded into my genes. I can't feel "better". But I can have better days. So I will share tips and tricks along the way that make days easier. And safer. Last week I had a tumble that reminded me why health is not a luxury priority. Health is a necessity.

With that in mind, my morning juice has become a routine. I use a balance of greens and fruits.

Healthy morning juice recipe

My favorite blend:
  • a carrot
  • an apple
  • a pear
  • half a cucumber
  • lots of baby spinach and salad greens
  • a kale leaf (or two)
  • sprinkle of mint leaves
It's become an important morning routine. Cheers to being healthy!